LALISA’s Double Triumph: BLACKPINK’s Lisa Makes History as the First K-Pop Soloist with 14 Million Likes on Two Music Videos

The two music videos that contributed to this historic feat are none other than “LALISA” and “Money.” BLACKPINK’s Lisa continues to make history, securing a remarkable achievement as the first-ever K-pop soloist with two music videos each amassing 14 million likes on YouTube. This milestone not only underscores Lisa’s individual success but also highlights the immense global impact she holds as a solo artist.

“LALISA,” as Lisa’s debut solo single, set the stage for her solo career with a powerful blend of charisma, style, and musical prowess. The music video not only resonated with fans but also garnered an impressive 14 million likes on YouTube, marking a monumental moment in Lisa’s journey as a soloist.

Following the success of “LALISA,” Lisa’s second solo single, “Money,” continued the trend of captivating audiences worldwide. The music video, characterized by its dynamic visuals and Lisa’s signature energy, achieved the same remarkable feat of accumulating 14 million likes on YouTube. This dual accomplishment places Lisa in a league of her own as the first K-pop soloist to achieve such recognition for two distinct music videos.

The monumental support from fans, as reflected in the substantial number of likes, showcases the global impact and influence that Lisa holds in the realm of K-pop. It not only solidifies her status as a trendsetter and powerhouse performer but also emphasizes the unwavering support of the BLACKPINK fandom and the broader K-pop community.

As Lisa continues to break barriers and set new standards in the world of solo K-pop endeavors, her achievement of having two music videos each with 14 million likes stands as a testament to her undeniable talent, magnetic stage presence, and the fervent admiration she commands from fans around the world.

In a dazzling display of solo success, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is etching her name in the annals of history once again, achieving a groundbreaking milestone that sets her apart as the first K-pop soloist with two music videos, each accumulating a staggering 14 million likes on YouTube. This remarkable feat not only cements Lisa’s status as a record-breaker but also underscores her unparalleled popularity and influence within the global music industry.

The dual triumph comes courtesy of Lisa’s debut solo single, “LALISA,” and her subsequent release, “Money.” “LALISA” marked the advent of Lisa’s solo career, introducing fans to a captivating fusion of her distinctive style, dynamic performances, and a musicality that resonated across borders. The music video’s impressive 14 million likes on YouTube not only reflects the fervent support of the BLINK fandom but also sets the stage for Lisa’s solo journey.

Following this initial success, Lisa’s second solo endeavor, “Money,” continued to captivate audiences with its infectious energy and visually stunning aesthetics. The music video not only mirrored the triumph of its predecessor but further solidified Lisa’s solo legacy by accumulating an equally impressive 14 million likes on YouTube. The dual achievement positions Lisa in a league of her own, as no other K-pop soloist has accomplished this remarkable feat.

The unwavering support from fans across the globe is a testament to Lisa’s magnetic charm, undeniable talent, and the anticipation that surrounds her every musical release. As she continues to break barriers and set new benchmarks, the Thai superstar’s consistent success serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists and a source of pride for the global K-pop community.

With this historic achievement, Lisa paves the way for the future of solo K-pop endeavors, showcasing not only her individual brilliance but also the limitless potential for artists to make a resounding impact beyond the confines of a group. As fans eagerly await Lisa’s next musical chapter, Lalisa reverberates in the corridors of K-pop history, leaving an indelible mark as a trailblazer and a true global icon.

Lalisa’s Record-Breaking Triumph: Dominating YouTube with Dual 14 Million-Like Hits

BLACKPINK’s Lisa continues to carve her name in the annals of K-pop history, achieving a groundbreaking milestone that solidifies her as a trailblazer and sets her apart as the first K-pop soloist to attain two music videos, each exceeding 14 million likes on YouTube. This latest achievement comes as her solo track “Money” joins the ranks of success alongside her debut hit “LALISA,” which currently boasts an impressive 17 million likes on the platform. In the realm of YouTube achievements, Lisa’s individual success is nothing short of remarkable.

The surpassing of 14 million likes for both “LALISA” and “Money” not only underscores Lisa’s immense popularity but also establishes her as a unique force in YouTube history. This feat positions her ahead of esteemed artists, breaking a tie with iconic figures such as PSY, SUGA from BTS, and her fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie. Lisa now stands as the first and only K-pop soloist to have multiple music videos cross the 14 million likes mark on YouTube, a testament to her global influence and the unwavering support from her dedicated fanbase.

As Lisa breaks new ground, this accomplishment reverberates across the K-pop industry, showcasing her ability to transcend boundaries and set records that redefine the landscape. Her status as a trendsetter and pioneer is further solidified, and fans eagerly anticipate her future endeavors, eager to witness the continued success of this groundbreaking soloist. Lisa’s journey in the world of K-pop remains an extraordinary testament to her talent, resilience, and the global impact she continues to make in shaping the future of the genre.


1. Who sang Lalisa and Money?

– Lisa from BLACKPINK sang Lalisa and Money.

2. How many languages can blackpink lisa speak?

–BLACKPINK’s Lisa is known for her linguistic versatility. She is fluent in multiple languages, including:

  1. Thai: Lisa is a native Thai speaker, as she was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand.
  2. Korean: Being a member of BLACKPINK, Lisa has learned and is fluent in Korean.
  3. English: Lisa is also proficient in English, showcasing her ability to communicate in multiple languages.

Lisa’s ability to speak multiple languages has contributed to her global appeal and has endeared her to fans from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

3. What did lisa from blackpink do?

– Lisa from BLACKPINK is a multi-talented artist known for her role as the main rapper and lead dancer in the globally popular K-pop group.

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