Lisas Billion-Dollar Triumph: BLACKPINK’s Lisa Sets Guinness World Record with ‘MONEY’ as First K-pop Soloist to Surpass 1 Billion Streams

Lisas history – BLACKPINK’s Lisa released her debut solo album, “LALISA,” in September 2021, marking a significant milestone in her career. Even after two years since its release, the album continues to make waves and break records, showcasing the enduring popularity of Lisa’s solo venture.

The album, featuring the title track “LALISA” and other notable hits, has resonated with fans globally, contributing to Lisa’s individual success beyond her group. The enduring impact of “LALISA” speaks to the quality of the music and Lisa’s ability to captivate audiences with her unique style and talent.

As the album’s hits continue to break records, it underscores Lisa’s influence as a solo artist and affirms the lasting appeal of her debut solo project. Fans, often referred to as Blinks, remain dedicated and enthusiastic about Lisa’s solo achievements, celebrating the ongoing success of “LALISA” even two years after its initial release.


Lisas MONEY Sets Guinness World Records:

On September 27, Guinness World Records announced a monumental achievement for Lisa as her track “MONEY” from the album “LALISA” exceeded 1 billion streams. Lisa solidified her position as the first K-pop solo artist to achieve such an impressive streaming milestone on the platform. This remarkable accomplishment positions “MONEY” as BLACKPINK’s most-streamed track, with the second-place holder, “How You Like That,” amassing 855 million listens by September 21.

In addition to its streaming success, the music video for “MONEY” has garnered more than 900 million views on YouTube, making it the most-viewed video among all BLACKPINK content on the platform. The group itself holds the distinction of being the most streamed girl group on Spotify, boasting billions of streams.

Further adding to Lisa’s extensive list of accolades, she secured the title of the first K-pop soloist to clinch a MTV Video Music Award with “LALISA” in August 2022. Notably, Lisa’s popularity extends to social media, where she reigns as the most followed K-pop artist on Instagram.

The records set by Lisa, a true megastar in the K-pop realm, are both numerous and groundbreaking, underscoring her unparalleled influence and the global impact of BLACKPINK’s music.

How You Like That Performance Video Surpasses 1.5 Billion Views

The performance video for “How You Like That,” a hit track from BLACKPINK’s repertoire, has soared to extraordinary heights by surpassing an impressive milestone of 1.5 billion views on platforms like YouTube. This remarkable achievement underscores the enduring popularity and widespread appeal of BLACKPINK’s music and visual content.

Solo Debut with Lalisa:

Lisa embarked on her solo journey with the release of her debut album, featuring the title track “Lalisa.” The song quickly gained widespread acclaim, making its presence felt on various global music charts. The success of “Lalisa” solidified Lisa’s standing as a formidable solo artist, showcasing her distinct style and musical prowess.

MONEY Receives Fan Love:

While “Lalisa” served as the main track of Lisa’s solo debut, another standout from the album, “MONEY,” garnered significant affection from fans. The catchy and dynamic tracks from the album continue to be streamed and enjoyed by audiences worldwide, contributing to Lisa’s ongoing success as a solo artist.

Streaming Numbers Set Records:

The continuous streaming and enjoyment of Lisa’s tracks, particularly “MONEY” and “Lalisa,” have resulted in impressive streaming numbers, setting new records for the talented BLACKPINK member. The sustained interest in Lisa’s solo work highlights the enduring popularity and impact of her music on a global scale.


Overall, these key highlights showcase Lisa’s achievements as a solo artist, from setting Guinness World Records with “MONEY” to the enduring success of her debut album’s tracks on digital platforms. The milestones achieved reflect the unwavering support of fans and the significant influence BLACKPINK continues to wield in the music industry.

BLACKPINK’s Unrivaled Triumph: Recent Records and Milestones Propel Them to New Heights in the Global Music Scene

In recent news, BLACKPINK has once again etched their name in the record books, achieving a remarkable milestone with their How You Like That Dance Performance video. Surpassing 1.5 billion views, this accomplishment marks their fourth video to reach this extraordinary feat, solidifying BLACKPINK’s status as trailblazers in the realm of online viewership.

What makes this achievement particularly noteworthy is that BLACKPINK is now the first K-pop artist or group to boast not one, not two, but four videos with over a billion views each. This feat speaks volumes about the group’s global appeal and the unwavering support from their dedicated fanbase, affectionately known as Blinks.

Interestingly, the How You Like That Dance Performance video has surpassed the view count of its accompanying music video, showcasing the immense popularity of BLACKPINK’s dance-focused content. The group’s ability to captivate audiences extends beyond conventional music videos, emphasizing the significance of their visually striking and skillful dance performances.

Adding to their billion-view club, BLACKPINK’s other videos include DDU-DU DDU-DU with an impressive 2.1 billion views, Kill This Love with 1.8 billion views, and BOOMBAYAH with 1.6 billion views as of the latest update. These numbers underscore the global impact and enduring popularity of BLACKPINK’s music, making them a dominant force in the world of K-pop.

As BLACKPINK continues to break records and redefine what’s possible in the digital landscape, the quartet remains at the forefront of the global music scene, setting standards and paving the way for future successes in the industry.


1. Who is the boyfriend of Lisa in blackpink?

Frédéric Arnault is the rumored boyfriend.

2. How was Lisa raised?

– Manoban was raised by her biological mother and stepfather, Swiss chef Marco Brüschweiler

3. Will I grow like Lisa blackpink?

– It’s important to note that factors influencing growth, such as height, are largely determined by genetics and individual variations. Lisa from BLACKPINK has her own unique genetic makeup that contributes to her physical attributes.

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